19 Secrets To Making Your Parking Lot Last And Last!

19 Secrets To Making Your Parking Lot Last And Last!

At the time of paving, property owners mostly think only about the benefits of owning a parking lot. However, it is imperative that they also understand the cost of an ill-maintained or neglected parking lot. A damaged and deteriorated parking lot pavement can negatively impact curb appeal and property value. Also, it can affect the drive and experience of visitors or customers and can very easily land you in a legal mess if your negligence results in an accident occurring on your property. On the other hand, a well-maintained and well-cared-for parking lot is likely to last a long time and can even surpass its average service life.

Every property owner wants their pavement to last a long time so they can continue to reap the benefits of their investment for years. An extended pavement life may sound like a dream, but it is possible. Check out the secrets we have listed below to discover how you can turn your wish for a long-lasting pavement into a reality.


1. Carry out regular cleaning to remove dirt, debris, trash, organic materials (e.g., stones, fallen leaves, and twigs) to prevent damage.

2. Do not power-wash stains, or the liquid will seep deeper into the pavement.

3. Remove stains immediately to prevent inter-layer damage.

4. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach for cleaning, and do not scrub with a brush with hard bristles to prevent top layer damage.


5. Carry out quick repairs to prevent further damage and deterioration that can lead to pavement failure.

6. Create an annual concrete or asphalt maintenance plan and set aside a budget so you can immediately invest in repairs.

7. Get your parking lot inspected by a professional to identify the type and extent of damage so a more permanent and accurate repair method can be decided upon.

Protection against Damage

8. Invest in seal coating after every few years.

9. The first seal coat should be done no sooner than eight weeks after paving or no later than a year.

10. Keep your parking lot drainage clean and functional, so there is no damage from water pooling or infiltration.

Identifying and Forgoing Harmful Practices

11. Do not let anyone park their vehicle at the same spot every day or for an extended period of time as the weight can cause shifting, depressions, and base damage.

12. Instruct drivers not to drive or park too close to the edge.

13. Do not allow heavy vehicles to park, and do not keep heavy equipment in your parking lot for long periods.

14. Do not randomly choose a paving firm to see to your pavement maintenance and repair projects; hire a professional paving company that can guarantee lasting results.

Being In-tuned To Pavement Needs

15. Keep a maintenance calendar to be aware of how long ago you invested in a maintenance project, so you get whatever is necessary done.

16. Keep on the lookout for any kind of pavement distresses and get regular professional inspections done on your parking lot.

Snow Removal

17. Carry out regular snow and removal or hire a snow removal company to see to the task to prevent winter damage.

18. Using a metal-head shovel can damage the top layer of your pavement.

19. Do not use harsh deicing chemicals that can damage the surface.

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