4 Ways To Maintain A Concrete Pavement: Tips And Tricks

4 Ways To Maintain A Concrete Pavement: Tips And Tricks

How do you maintain concrete pavement? It is a question that we are often asked at Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance, LLC.

Concrete pavement is a highly durable yet vulnerable material. It can last longer than any other type of pavement because concrete can resist cracks or breakage due to temperature fluctuations as well as heavy traffic.

However, just like any other product, concrete will eventually require maintenance in order to stay strong and keep looking great.

This blog post will go over four concrete pavement maintenance tips and tricks that will help keep your concrete pavement looking great for the long haul!

1. Seal the Concrete Surface

The first tip to maintaining concrete pavement is to seal it every two or three years. Sealing the concrete surface helps prevent it from getting stained from oil spills and reduces water absorption into the surface of the concrete, which would lead to cracks in time due to expansion and contraction. Sealing also extends the concrete’s life and prevents it from becoming brittle. However, you must ensure you choose a good quality sealant and apply it correctly.

2. Grinding

Another concrete pavement maintenance tip is to grind off the top layer of concrete every few years, which helps keep concrete pavement looking fresh. Grinding down can remove a superficial buildup of contaminants that have accumulated on the surface.

Grinding also helps to reduce the surface’s roughness and increases its ability to remain stable for years to come.

3. Sweeping the Concrete Pavement

A concrete surface needs to be regularly swept for it to maintain its quality over time. If there is any debris or dirt left on the concrete, it will wear down the concrete’s surface as cars drive over it. This diminishes look of the concrete and also reduces its lifespan. 

Make sure to use stiff broom bristles to efficiently remove dirt, debris, leaves, and other litter from the concrete pavement to safeguard it from damage.

4. Repair All Cracks

Make sure to inspect your concrete surface regularly for any cracks or other damages. Neglecting such problems can lead to even more concrete deterioration.

For better and more thorough inspection, seek professional help. Repairing these cracks in time will not only improve the concrete’s appearance but increase longevity as well!

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