5 Mistakes To Avoid When Line Striping Your Parking Lot

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Line Striping Your Parking Lot

Line striping is an excellent way to make your parking lot more visible and easier for people to navigate. It also improves your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal and provides a clean, crisp look that draws attention from its surroundings.

However, line striping isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Here are five mistakes to avoid when line striping so you don’t end up with an ugly parking lot!

1. Not Line Striping the Entire Lot

Whether you are restriping or striping your parking lot for the first time, make sure you line stripe the entire lot.

If line striping is not done in its entirety, drivers may have trouble understanding/navigating your parking lot, which might lead to accidents and injuries on your property.

2. Incorrectly Estimating How Much Paint You Need

This mistake might sound like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised how often line stripers underestimate the amount of paint they need. It can be hard to determine exactly how much paint is required for a line stripe job without researching and estimating what it would take to cover an area with several different line stripes.

So, be sure to research and estimate the amount of paint needed for the job if you don’t want to run out of paint halfway through and have to purchase more!

3. Going Too Fast While Painting Line Stripes on Parking Lot Lines or Curbs

It is essential to pace yourself when painting lines because it will take you longer to line stripe an area that is not adequately prepared than it will take you to line stripe a well-prepared parking lot.

If you are going too quickly while painting line stripes on your parking lot lines, the line striping machine will end up running out of line stripe paint, and you’ll have to stop, which can cause delays.

4. Not Doing a Test Line Before Painting

Another common mistake is not doing a test line before painting. When you are line striping, it’s essential to do a practice line so that your lines are straight and uniform when you start adding paint. This will also help ensure that there aren’t any gaps between each striped line.

5. Adding Too Much Paint

Too much paint can cause line striping to wear down faster. You’ll have to do line striping more often if there is too much paint on the line.

The easiest way to avoid this mistake is by only applying a thin coat of paint in each area you are working on at one time.

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