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Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance is your first call for all of your asphalt and concrete maintenance needs. Professionally maintained driveways and parking lots are the key to long lasting durability. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance services include Protection KS joint widening. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance takes pride in our work. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance knows word of mouth advertising is the key to our long-term growth and success, and we want our customers to be so satisfied with our work that they will spread the word. We are highly experienced in Protection KS joint widening. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance uses the best equipment and top-notch materials.

Professional asphalt and concrete maintenance will give you curb appeal. The first thing people see when they arrive at your residential or commercial property is the driveway or parking lot. Cracks, potholes, and a worn out driveway or parking lot does not generate the image you want. A deep black asphalt parking lot that is professionally maintained and serviced with Protection KS joint widening, crisp bright striping, and no potholes or cracks, shows professionalism. This is also applicable for concrete as well.

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Professionally maintained concrete parking lots with no cracks and Protection KS joint widening along with bright clean crisp striping will convey the image you are striving for. Safety is also increased with Protection KS joint widening by Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance. When Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance professionally services a parking lot, parking spaces are clearly marked, joint widening is complete, and cracks and potholes are repaired. Properly applied sealcoat protects the surface for years to come. Aside from an aesthetically pleasing look, the improvement of the imperfections reduces the likelihood of a pedestrian tripping and falling. This can lower the likelihood of civil liability.

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Long-term value is increased in the property when Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance takes care of Protection KS joint widening, cracks and potholes, and a professionally applied seal coat protects the asphalt. It can in some cases double the life of the asphalt. This in turn is a huge savings to you. As oil prices increase, asphalt prices increase. Extending the life of your existing lot equates to a sensible long-term investment. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance promises to be polite, friendly, and professional beginning with your initial phone call until the job is complete. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance is detail oriented. We will provide a clear and concise quote and a timeline for completing your project.

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Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance will list all work to be performed and the materials we will use to give you fantastic results. We will explain the process and why the steps we take are important. Protection KS joint widening, cracks, and potholes will be taken care of using the standards of the industry. Sealcoating will be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications ensuring proper adhesion.

Your phone call, your business, and your satisfaction are important to Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance, and we are confident you will be pleased with the quality of work Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance offers. Call Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance today and learn how we can take care of all your Protection KS joint widening, crack repair, seal coating and striping needs.

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