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Your home is one of the largest and most valuable assets you own, so it stands to reason that you want to maintain your home's value with a number of materials in and around the house. We are in the business of helping companies, businesses, and private homes maintain their value through pavement and restoration of pavement, curb and guttering, concrete curbs, and possibly the introduction to concrete gutters for your home or business.

Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance is a seasoned and professional asphalt and concrete company that provides extensive curb and guttering services to businesses and private homes throughout the area. Our goal is to always provide new builds and established properties with superb and quality curb and guttering workmanship that you, the client, are proud to own.

Local Curb and Guttering

Curb and Guttering

Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance offers professional services to businesses and homeowners in and around our area. When you need curb and guttering pavement work done and you want to put your trust into a seasoned pavement company, call Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance Company. We assure you that you will get the very best outcome for your curb and guttering project at affordable and competitive prices. Our curb and guttering work is recognized throughout the community, giving your business or home the curb appeal needed to keep a high value on your property. Experience is everything and we have it.

Curb and Guttering Repair

Concrete & Asphalt

Our expertise is asphalt paving and concrete contracting for flatwork. We proudly take orders for curb and guttering services, business parking lots, public and private sidewalks, and business and private driveways. Our customers call us to help maintain their properties through the proud work we do for them. Additional benefits of using Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance for curb and guttering services include extensive training for all employees, background checks on all employees, trustworthy, professional, affordable pricing, work that is done in a timely manner, and the use of quality materials and products.

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