Don’t Get Sued Because Of Your Parking Lot!

Don’t Get Sued Because Of Your Parking Lot!

If you own a parking lot, you are responsible for ensuring that it is safe and accessible to all of your customers. Otherwise, you could face legal issues. If parking lot flaws are not addressed, you could be sued for any injuries which occur your parking lot. It is vital to keep the parking lot in good condition and well-lit at all times.

In this article, we will go over some common flaws that can make parking lots unsafe and how this can land property owners in a lot of trouble.

Poor Lighting

If parking lot lights are not functioning properly, it is going to cause all kinds of problems. Poor lighting makes parking lots ideal for criminal activity as it easy for burglars to sneak around at night and steal cars or rob visitors. This is why it should be your number one priority to make sure you take care of poor lighting problems immediately.

Poor lighting also affects visibility in the parking lot; thus, drivers may have difficulty identifying where parking spaces are located or may not see an obstruction or pedestrian, leading to serious – even fatal – accidents.

Insufficient Security

Another parking lot problem that can lead to legal action is insufficient security. For example, if you have a parking lot with no cameras or security guards or fences around it and someone ends up getting robbed at night, they have full right to take your company to court for their loss and for not ensuring safety in your parking lot.

Weak Pavement

Cracks and potholes in parking lots can cause customers to slip and fall, or even damage vehicles. If your parking lot pavement has a lot of potholes, drivers might swerve into them when they are not paying attention because the pavement is uneven. This can lead to various damages to cars. Thus, if someone sustains injuries, or damages to their vehicle due to worn out pavement, they may understandably take legal action against you.

A parking lot is a necessary but often overlooked part of any business. The more customers willing to park on your property and visit you, the better it is for your business. However, there is nothing worse for a business than customers leaving angry or dissatisfied due to an unpleasant experience, or an injury due to an oversight by the property owner. In the case of an injury or accident, it is perfectly understandable that the affected customer may take legal action against your business. 

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