How To Care For Your Concrete Driveway

How To Care For Your Concrete Driveway

Your driveway is the first look people have when visiting your home in Kearney, KS, so why not make an excellent first impression. A well-maintained driveway adds curb appeal and value to your home. Concrete driveways are popular among homeowners because of their durability and low maintenance requirements. However, regular care and maintenance are necessary to keep your driveway looking at its best.

This guide by Sweeny’s Pavement Maintenance, LLC discusses the steps you need to take to take care of your concrete driveway. We will also provide tips on repairing minor damage and preventing future problems. Let’s get started!

Clean the Driveway

The first step in caring for your concrete driveway is to clean it regularly. This can be done with a hose or pressure washer. Ensure to remove any dirt, debris, or stains from the surface of the driveway. If necessary, use a cleaner or degreaser to help break down stubborn dirt and grease.

Seal You Driveway Surface

Once the driveway is clean, it’s essential to seal it. A suitable sealant will protect the surface from staining and fading, as well as from weathering and cracking. Be sure to apply a new coat of sealant every couple of years or as needed.

A sealer will help prevent stain absorption, but it’s better to remove oil, gasoline, grease, and other spills as soon as possible. If concrete discolors, pressure washing with various cleaning chemicals will remove most stains.

Repair the Cracks on Your Driveway

In addition to cleaning and sealing your driveway, you should also keep an eye on any cracks or chips on the surface. If overlooked, they can grow and cause further damage to the driveway. Repair any cracks or chips as soon as possible to prevent other issues.

Avoid Using Deicing Chemicals on Your Driveway

The thawing and refreezing of moisture due to deicers on your concrete driveway can lead to surface damage in the winter, mainly scaling and spalling. Ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates are destructive because they chemically attack the concrete. Rock salt (sodium chloride) or calcium chloride will do less.

Don’t use deicers the first winter after your driveway is installed since fresh concrete is more prone to salt’s adverse effects. For traction, consider using sand instead.


If you’re searching for help in repairing your concrete drive, or if it’s time to replace an old one with new asphalt, contact Sweeny’s Pavement Maintenance, LLC today. Our experts can advise and consult on all aspects of construction and design so that we can build your dream driveway in Kearney, KS. When was the last time you took care of your driveway? What are some issues you’ve noticed about its condition? Contact us to discuss more. You can also avail a free estimate on your next driveway project and save on the consultation cost from your budget.