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Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance has been in the asphalt and concrete business for five years and counting. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance can create brand new curbs, beautiful commercial parking lots, sidewalks, and roads. We will also fill potholes on roads and in parking lots. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance’s team ensures 100% satisfaction for all your concrete and asphalt needs.

Local Joint Widening

Joint Widening

At Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance, we lay out new pavement and do joint widening. What is joint widening? Joint widening is when our company makes sure that concrete slabs on public walkways and roads are up to date. The joint widening will help to prevent the early shrinking of slabs in public areas. We are able to do two kinds of joint widening, one being sealed and being filled. Joint widening will stop the spread of uncontrolled movement within the slabs, protecting the slabs better against debris, moisture, and dirt seeping through and damaging the slab further.

Joint Widening Repair

Concrete Experts

With joint widening, the type depends on what you need joint widening for. A filled widening is needed if the concrete needs to be driven on. The filled is able to take some compressed weight. Sealed joint widening is for areas where there is no heavy compression. How long does it take to for the new joint to settle? The joint is complete as soon as it is installed. Joint widening projects do not take a lot of time. The team at Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance will get the job done for you quickly and efficiently.

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If you have a sidewalk, decorative concrete pieces, or other concrete related items that need joint widening, Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance can handle this for you. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance wants to provide but the best possible services for our clients, old and new. If you have concrete that needs joint widening, contact Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance. Call us today.

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