True Jack Of One Trade: 4 Asphalt Patching Techniques A Paving Contractor Should Know

True Jack Of One Trade: 4 Asphalt Patching Techniques A Paving Contractor Should Know

There is often a great deal of taking leaps of faith, gnawing fingernails, and hoping the asphalt paving contractor does an excellent job for the right quote with any newly contracted service. Pre-contract conversations are way better than discussing the weather here at Hays, KS, unless the weather will be wet, which is a special consideration in patching asphalt in a state with a continental climate.

Asphalt patching is an integral part of a paving contractor’s repertoire, and knowing how to do it in the most effective way possible can save you time and money. We move ahead with the given that there is a method where cold asphalt and chips are shoveled into a pothole, leveled, and patted down, and then traffic is expected to do the compaction honors; this method is not approved at a 10% success rate.

Here is a list of legit asphalt patching techniques that are critical topics of discussion before hiring an asphalt paving contractor.

  1. The Throw & Roll Patch:

This repair technique is one of the most prevalent asphalt patching strategies that anyone with a knack for DIY repairs can carry out. This is a temporary patching solution in which liquid asphalt and aggregate are poured into the damaged pothole and rolled over by compaction trucks. The process is helpful in situations when a quick fix is required for only short periods. For better fixtures, your contractor can be expected to suggest a cold patch mix with a polymer base.

  1. Infrared patching:

It is an environmentally-friendly repair method that involves infrared plates placed over the damaged section and allowed to heat up, after which the loosened asphalt is redistributed with new asphalt and patted down with a vibratory drum roller. The method is ideal in colder regions and more lasting than cold patch asphalt. It’s a permanent fix that requires fewer overheads and recycles asphalt into a seamless and waterproof patch.

  1. Spray Injection Patch:

This repair technique is another frequently used asphalt patching approach and requires specialized equipment. First, a cartridge of asphalt with a specified width will be injected into the opened crack using a hopper-style injector. The material is then dispersed by a pneumatic system and patched up, compacted, and rolled with a vibratory roller.

  1. Full Depth Patching:

The holy of holies in permanent asphalt patching; this method calls for the cavalry. First, the damaged section is sawed out through all the layers, and if needed, the subgrade is replaced. Then a binder layer is applied, and the aggregate is poured in then compacted. This is the most complex permanent repair method that adds much to the life of the pavement.

Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly get the best out of a pre-contract discussion on asphalt patching. So, if you are a resident of Hays, KS, and you need a contractor that won’t slacken on the job and be a great conversationalist, then Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance, LLC is the one for you! We provide superb asphalt & concrete services, plus free quotes, which we have waiting for you here!