What Do Asphalt Paving Contractors Do When They’re Not Paving In Winter?

What Do Asphalt Paving Contractors Do When They’re Not Paving In Winter?

The thing about asphalt is that it needs a warm climate to be compacted & cured to its intended durability & strength. That means winters are off-limits to asphalt paving, and the most one can do is put in a cold patch to mitigate spreading potholes & cracks until spring comes around. Till then, the pavement in question is to be kept clean until the paving season comes back.

So, what do asphalt contractors do in winters? Indeed, they must have something to do to keep business in full swing? The experienced professionals at Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance, LLC tell you in this blog post.

Spring Paving & Maintenance Projects

Winters may be paving off-season in Dodge City, KS, but it doesn’t mean that all paving businesses go into hibernation. Winter is the best time to inspect damaged asphalt & concrete surfaces for repairs later. With the New Year’s advent, many clients evaluate their pavement and start budgeting for the spring. Paving contractors are consulted on quotes and the best plan for pavement remedial action, installation of new pavement, & new pavement overlays. There are permits to attain, quotes to be negotiated, and materials to be sourced.

Site preparation for new pavement is planned in advance to allocate funds and adherence to timelines properly. As we said, Sweeney’s Pavement is not inert in the off-season!

Full-Scale Equipment & Plant Maintenance

Along with the spring asphalt & concrete repair & maintenance plans, paving contractors also take the time to run thorough diagnostics on their paving equipment, the dump trucks, seal coat tanks & crack filler/sealer Melter. Excess asphalt is cleaned off from the moving parts of pavers and windrows to ensure they do not become a working hazard.

The asphalt mixing plants also shut down for an annual turnaround to clear out the asphalt from their mixers. The solidified deposits of bituminous asphalt create issues with the heating, so they must be removed before operations resume for the spring. New material is booked and stocked in storage before the season begins.

Winter Pavement Remediation Jobs

In winters, the only form of asphalt remediation that can help deal with potholes & largely alligatored surfaces is a cold patch. The asphalt is prepared in specific amounts without heating and stamped into the damaged pavement section. The temporary fix lasts all winter, then in summer, it is removed, and a more permanent hot mix patch is put into place. So, Sweeney’s Pavement is active in this regard too.

We prefer the satisfaction of our clients in all things pavement in Dodge City, KS. If you need your pavement fixed or a new installation, you can always contact us for a robust spring paving project. The better the details are discussed, the better the results will be.

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