“Who Needs Sealcoating?” 4 Myths Debunked Regarding The Asphalt Surface Treatment!

“Who Needs Sealcoating?” 4 Myths Debunked Regarding The Asphalt Surface Treatment!

If one ever brought up the misconceived notions regarding seal coating before a panel of civil engineers, the ensuing laughter would be laden with vitriol. Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance has been in the asphalt paving business for decades ad we have seen it all.

Even though so many property owners and parking lot managers are aware of seal coating, there is still some debate about it. The air is abounded in sealcoating myths at this point. Some naysayers even believe that seal coating should be discontinued since it’s a fraud!

Why Does Your Asphalt Need a Sealcoat?

So, let’s reconsider. A seal coat is a bituminous substance that has been treated and applied expressly to asphalt surfaces to protect them from the elements and vehicle wear and tear. When the rock aggregates loosen, they create unsightly potholes due to excessive asphalt damage, and then the patching is again a sight to hide. Seal coating comes to the rescue as a surface protectant & visual appeal.

Myth Busting Time! 

Myth 1: Sealcoat Can Be Used as A Crack Filler

This is partially true, but it all depends on the size of the cracks in the pavement. In essence, a seal coat fills up the pores in the asphalt to prevent water from seeping in. A seal coat can be used to repair minor cracks that are no more than a quarter of an inch wide, while larger cracks necessitate specialized crack filler than a sealer. But a seal coat can’t fix large cracks.

Myth 2: Sealcoating Does Not Refresh Old Asphalt

Because the oils in a seal coat emulsion rejuvenate older asphalt, this myth is essentially incorrect. Unless you have porous asphalt pavement, there’s a good chance it’ll deteriorate faster than typical pavement. The argument nevertheless holds that a seal coat rejuvenates old asphalt pavement.

Myth 3: Sealcoating Only Makes the Asphalt Look Pretty

We all adore the black sheen on the pavement, and many of us believe that’s all a seal coat is for: aesthetics. A seal coat protects the asphalt from water damage, moisture penetration, unraveling, UV degradation, oxidation, and pavement dehydration, but it also makes it look fantastic!

Myth 4: “Huh! My 5-Year-Old Can Apply a Better Sealcoat!”

Many hopeful amateurs have come to the ER for burns and minor tarry injuries after re-enacting this fable. Seal coats are emulsions that must be heated using equipment that maintains the heating temperature, the colloidal state of the emulsion, the charge on the particles, and the pressure pump for the spray wand. Unlike the buckets of black tar, you’re heating willy-nilly for a DIY seal coating project, this sophisticated equipment is not meant for the inexperienced.

Sweeney’s Pavement Maintenance is your seal coating expert in Salina, KS, the wheat bowl of America. We do hail from Hays, but for you, we’ve made it over to Salina to give your asphalt the protection it needs to stay safe from wear & tear. If you installed an asphalt pavement over a year ago, it’s time to plan a myth-free seal coat.

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